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20 tane birinci sınıf bedava wordpress teması – 20 more free first class wordpress themes

WordPress temalarını araştırıyordum, elime birkaç tane ücretsiz ve harika wordpress teması geçti :) Hemen paylaşayım istedim tabi :D Temalar Smashingmagazine‘den alıntıdır. Temaları beğeneceğinizi umuyorum.

1. Going Global WordPress Theme [ preview ] A stylish 2-column theme with a streamlined container and a ‘global’ motif. It is vibrant and exciting and might suit for both corporate and personal blogs. There are two adslots in the sidebar for graphic banner ads.

First-Class WordPress Themes - Link Prestige - Goodies

2. Balance Black
A clear 2-column theme with excellent use of typography. You might need to replace Croatian buttons with social bookmarking buttons. No preview is available.

First-Class WordPress Themes - » archive » 2 Balanced WordPress Themes

3. Leopress [ Demo ] The tiger is striking again; now in WordPress. This 3-column WordPress theme looks exactly like the user interface in Mac OS X Leopard looks like. The navigation is also similar. Have fun tweaking the Leopard for your needs.

First-Class WordPress Themes - Temas para WordPress » 7Graus

4. Springloaded [ Demo ] A fresh, colorful and nicely structured 2-column theme with support for widgets, gravatars and a handful of other nifty plugins.

First-Class WordPress Themes - » SpringLoaded the theme is here » The 449

5. Probama Theme [ Demo ] Politics isn’t our realm and we don’t promote Obama here, but this theme is very nice. Built-in control panel options allow easy management of images, video, podcasts, latest-post highlighting on homepage and other RSS info. This truly professional theme can be developed further for your personal needs.

First-Class WordPress Themes - Probama Theme

6. Striped Flowers [ Demo ] A beautiful, colorful and lively 2-column WordPress theme. You’ll find a dozen of further quite colorful themes on this site as well.

First-Class WordPress Themes - » WP Themes 2

7. Tiny Studio [ Demo ] This theme was designed to match the concept of a small design studio. This theme uses custom fields to display the top 10 latest artworks in the Latest Artworks section.

First-Class WordPress Themes - Tiny Studio

8. Stilbruch [ preview ] An elegant, simple and sexy 1-column-theme. Simple, yet beautiful.

First-Class WordPress Themes - Stilbruch WordPress Theme

9. Rio Theme
Easy, fast, minimalistic but a powerful appearance. “It gives your blog the look it deserves and says: You don’t need any overloaded layouts to compensate anything. Be yourself!”

First-Class WordPress Themes - Rio Theme WordPress Theme

10. Summernight WordPress Theme [ preview ] This theme attempts to catch the feeling of a long, exciting summernight and lets you tell your adventures with big, eye-catching pictures. Quite provocative, but hey – it’s all about the unique style, right? Easily customizable and best used with dark, patterned backgrounds.

First-Class WordPress Themes - Summernight WordPress Theme

11. slide-o-matic [ demo ] One-column, clear and simple. With a sliding navigation menu.

First-Class WordPress Themes - slide-o-matic

12. The Wind Cries Mary [ demo ] An elegant, beautiful and with “traditional” typography. A 2-column WordPress theme.

First-Class WordPress Themes - NT Musicgirl

13. Textback WordPress Theme [ preview ] “Snow-white, bright and incredible clear; this wordpress theme is the perfect choice for everyone, who is sick of crowded and uncreative designs and wants to take a deep breath. Who wants a restart. Because this is the job of the winter: To be a recommencement.”

First-Class WordPress Themes - AMY & PINK » Textback WordPress Theme

14. Balance White
A light version of Balance Black; a clear 2-column theme with excellent use of typography. You might need to replace Croatian buttons with social bookmarking buttons. No preview is available.

First-Class WordPress Themes - Balance White

15. NT-Musicgirl [ demo ] You can do so much out of it. A WordPress-theme in retro-look. Slim columns, stylish design. You might want to increase the font-size and improve the design of forms, though.

First-Class WordPress Themes - NT Musicgirl

16. Facebook Layouts [ demo ] A WordPress-theme similar to the original Facebook’s design. You can also easily change colors. “As simple as the Facebook design itself, this theme brings it all together. “

First-Class WordPress Themes - Facebook Layouts

17. Theme Lab [ demo ] A colorful and nicely structured WordPress theme which comes with 8 different styles and a style switcher.

First-Class WordPress Themes - Theme Lab

18. The Massive News “Mobile Edition” WordPress Theme [ demo ] “The popularity of the iPhone and iPod Touch are on the rise, and I felt it just made sense to create a WordPress theme that is built entirely for optimized viewing on both devices. The Massive News Mobile Edition WordPress theme does just that, bringing you all the perks of WordPress to boot.”

First-Class WordPress Themes - The Massive News “Mobile Edition” WordPress Theme

19. The Unstandard WordPress theme
“The Unstandard WordPress theme is released / shared with the intent of breaking the typical blog mold. Farewell to the blase reverse chronological text heavy front pages, and hello to visuals & imagery to lure visitors deeper into your website / blog. A WordPress theme comprised of a – grid aligned – images for forward facing pages, and clean textual presentation on the inner pages.”

First-Class WordPress Themes - The Unstandard WordPress theme

20. Chronicles [ demo ] “In the literary sense, chronicle is a written record of events presented in order of time, and updated regularly over a prolonged period. This is a dark-brown colored, fully validated, widget-ready, 3-column theme with rounded edges all around it.”

First-Class WordPress Themes - WordPress Theme - Chronicles

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